CDF Board Updates

The Cycling Development Foundation Board has recently undergone some major changes, with Mary Tennant retiring from the position as Chairperson, and the onboarding of two new members who will aim to continue to guide the CDF into its future.

Mary Tennant has had a significant hand in setting The Cycling Development Foundation on a path of success in previous years, navigating the organisation through some difficult times and witnessing the launch of the Master’s teams, the Laverton Cycling Project, and the rise of the Junior Cycling Academy.

“Mary has offered the CDF incredible guidance through particularly challenging times over the last 3 years. As Chair, Mary has lent support to all aspects of our programs: The Junior Cycling Academy, National Road Series Racing Teams; Volunteering hundreds of hours toward the Perth to Laverton Cycling Classic and of course the Laverton Cycling Project. Without Mary’s kind and thoughtful guidance across these areas the CDF would not be in the strong position it is today. 

We are immensely thankful for her service here.” – Brad Hall, Director, on behalf of the CDF board.

Julie de Jong has taken on the role intermittently until the new chairperson is formally appointed.

The new Board members include Kane Blackburn and Sabine Bird.

Kane is no stranger to Perth’s cycling scene, a genuine and gentle giant, who brings a wealth of business experience to the table.

“I started cycling in 2016, to recover from Chemo treatment for a Blood cancer. Cycling quickly became my number one activity and hobby. Joining CDF gave me the structure and opportunities to continue to build on my cycling fitness beyond  just a recovery program. 

I quickly found that CDF was more than just a training program, what I saw was a team building something greater. It’s a privilege to be associated with a group of people providing young athletes an opportunity and the resources to have the chance of succeeding in competitive cycling. – Kane Blackburn, Managing Director of Global Civil and Mining (GCM),

Australia’s leading Surface Mining contractor.

After having worked alongside the CDF Board for several years, Sabine Bird also decided to join officially:

“Having seen the development of the CDF firsthand has been immensely inspiring. The work that goes into running an organisation like that – with all its different programs and facets – requires a group of similarly minded drivers with some degree of philanthropy. The CDF brings these people together, and I feel privileged to play my part with this”.

We look forward to what the future holds and sincerely thank Mary for her incredible service to our cause over the past few years.