The Junior Cycling Academy (JCA) provides a pathway for national championship ‘podium’ aspirational junior cyclists of any club/coach affiliation. The program compliments existing coaching (club/private) systems and does not seek to replace either.

Junior athletes (U13, U15, U17) can enter a pathway that will expose them to institute level training services and practices that aim to best prepare them for state and national championship competition.

The program involves testing, training, strength & conditioning, performance workshops including nutrition, sports psychology, tactic’s and more from tertiary trained experts in their fields.

For more details information around the service provision please download our JCA information document: Flyer JCA

The JCA provides opportunity for coaches to engage, manage and run these sessions through a collaborative coaching process.
We see a strength in members accessing multiple coaching and training systems and encourage coaches to register interest in attending sessions

JCA athletes’ will have access to a unique clothing design that is based on their club affiliation, with branding from the various program partners also included on the design. Clothing to be purchased through provider.

Athlete’s/Parents can apply here

What’s Involved?

• Indoor testing
• Indoor power based training (ergo)
• Strength & Conditioning for endurance/power
• Sessions aim to compliment existing club/coaching structures; and does not seek to replace them
• Members can be coached by any club/coach or individual

The program is club/coach agnostic and is inclusive to all private and club based coaching systems

Where are the sessions held?

The service provider for the JCA is Exercise Institute, located at 34 Townshend Road Subiaco

What is the cost?

Local Athletes: $75 per week

Remote Athletes: $37.50 per week

A detailed service provision can be found here: Flyer JCA

JCA Scholarships

• Scholarships are offered on behalf of private and corporate doners who wish to see junior cyclists thrive within competitive cycling.


Junior cyclists are encouraged to apply for JCA scholarships. Scholarships are offered on behalf of private and corporate donors who wish to see junior cyclists thrive within competitive cycling. Scholarship holders gain discounted access to training services and resources:

Applications will be reviewed toward the end of each calendar year (November), with a formal interview process occurring thereafter with the JCA committee.
Scholarship holders will be expected to maintain a code of conduct with respect to training commitments, stakeholder engagement and feedback throughout the period.

Junior athletes are encouraged to apply here

Junior Cycling Academy Committee

The JCA committee will be central to guidance and strategy specific to junior cycling development and the role of the JCA in relation to existing club/private coaching systems to ensure a collaborative approach is achieved.
Committee members will be invited to from the following stakeholder groups:

– Junior Cycling Clubs
Service Provider (Exercise Institute)
– Other Stakeholders


Partnerships are sort through the following tiers: Scholarship; In-Kind


This involves a cash payment of $2000 per scholarship.
The scholarship provides access to the program for one year; and access to branding and marketing opportunities through the JPP.


This involves an in-kind product or service provision of $4000 equivalent to the program, where the products or services can be shared with athletes and marketed as such.
In-kind providers will have access to branding and marketing opportunities through the JPP.

1. Title Partner (x1 partner)

Provides scholarship access for 5x athletes (5 x scholarships); Title Partner Branding rights

2. Major Partner (x2 partners)

Provides Scholarship access for 3 athletes; Major Partner Branding rights

3. Program Partner (x2)

Provides Scholarship access for 2 athletes; Program Partner Branding rights

4. Individual Scholarships

Provides a scholarship for an athlete. Scholarship partner Branding rights


For more information pertaining to the JCA, please use our webform below:

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