Laverton Emerging Artist Award (LEAP)

The Laverton Emerging Artist Award (LEAP) is an initiative aimed at fostering creativity and artistic expression among students attending Laverton Remote School (LRS) in Western Australia. Established in 2020 by the Laverton Cycling Project in collaboration with Great Boulder Resources, LEAP provides an opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent and creativity.

History of LEAP


In 2017, the seeds of the Laverton Cycling Project were sown with a noble mission: to provide guidance and practical skills to at-risk youth in Laverton. The focus was on fostering a sense of community, self-sustainability, and pride through bike building programs.

In 2019, Great Boulder Resources Ltd. was approached by a group from Melbourne to support an art program for remote communities in WA. This sponsorship led to the initiation of the LEAP program, aiming to bring art closer to Laverton Remote School.

Evolution (2020-2024)

As the Laverton Cycling Project gained momentum, our vision expanded – the inaugural Laverton Emerging Artist Prize (LEAP) was introduced in 2020 during the Perth Laverton Cycling Classic. Students from Laverton Remote School were invited to submit their artwork, with the winning piece set to adorn the subsequent PLCC jersey. The awards were funded by Great Boulder Resources Ltd. LEAP aimed to harness the creative potential of children passionate about the arts, inviting them to design artwork for our cycling jerseys.


  • 2021: The community award was won by Jenae Evans, while Zaidan Langbourne received the Rider’s Award.
  • 2022: Jenae Evans emerged as the clear winner, receiving both the Community and Rider’s Award.
  • 2023: Due to challenges posed by COVID-19, the competition was not held formally, and Jenae was commissioned to design the 2023 jersey.
  • 2024: Jenae Evans commissioned to design the 2024 jersey.

Current Initiative (2024)

In September 2023, Jenae’s artwork, representing the spirit and talent of Laverton’s young artists, was unveiled during NAIDOC week at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts at the Kent Street Gallery, where she was showcased as the featured artist.

In 2024, LEAP continues to move forward with great strides. Supported by Great Boulder Resources Ltd., LEAP is more than just an art competition—it’s a platform for young artists like Jenae to showcase their talents and pursue their dreams.

Awards and Recognition

Each year, winners of the LEAP competition receive AUD400 gift vouchers from Culture Kings, a fashion brand focusing on designing clothes targeted at the younger generations that the program encapsulates.

Jenae’s achievements have been celebrated not only within our community but also in the wider media. Her story, featured in publications like the Southern Chronicles and the Kalgoorlie Miner, serves as inspiration for aspiring young artists statewide.

Recent Design Winners

Top Left: Jenae next to her artwork exhibited at the Laverfest Art Competition

Top Right: The winning Emerging Artist artwork & description

Bottom: Meeting the riders in Laverton after their 1,100km charity ride wearing her jersey design