The CDF partners with various socially conscious corporations nationally to deliver tangible benefits to their employee’s, associates and communities.

Our partnership model is focused on the provision of the sporting, community, and health based programs by delivering corporate social responsibility mechanisms on behalf of our partners.

These mechanisms are both internal and external to a corporation. Internal meaning of benefit to the health and wellbeing of the corporation’s staff, external meaning of benefit to the community in which the corporation engages in.


The CDF manages elite cycle racing teams that focus on Female, Male and Junior development.

Our elite cycling teams are heavily focused on women’s & junior sporting development and see this as one of our highest priorities within a sporting context nationally.

These teams race internationally and nationally and provide a dedicated pathway for elite athlete programming.

This means athletes are also expected to engage in community and health programs in exchange for access to athlete resources.


The CDF manages various community initiatives thanks to our partners support.

One such program is the Laverton Cycling project, which assists in developing cycling resources for remote regions. These programs assist indigenous, youth & communities in accessing cycling as a form of skill development, mentoring, health and fitness, whilst allowing access to sporting opportunities through the cycling modality. Our youth & indigenous cycling program is tied in to school attendance and post school opportunity.

We can tailor community outcomes based on a corporations needs and interests.

Example of Community Based Outcomes.


The CDF provides internal health and wellness programs for corporations staff and associates that educate individuals around sustainable exercise and health habits to fit around busy corporate lifestyles.

Our health programs demonstrate a 40-60% reduction in employee health risk profiles in one month of 15 mins of exercise a week.

We use experts in health and wellbeing to deliver high quality workshops and education seminar’s involving exercise, psychology and sociology to improve wellbeing in and outside work environments. We measure the outcomes and benefits of each program so corporations have a real understanding of how these programs improve wellbeing and even performance.

Example of Corporate Health Based Outcomes.

Health Program Document


Taken together a sport community and health focus allows for the delivery of real tangible results on behalf of corporations who are actively seeking to engage their internal and external communities.

The three provisions tie together in creating a meaningful platform for corporations to engage external community through sport or health based programs, whilst also elevating their employee’s/associates needs for fun and engaging work environments that deliver health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our programs are tailored to your corporations needs and will improve corporate culture and connectedness.