Cycling Development Foundation (Veris Racing) is very proud to share that Managing Director Brad Hall has been appointed Head Coach of WestCycle WA State Junior Road Team.

Brad said it was exciting to see a strong focus to develop cycling in Western Australia and provide opportunities, particularly as it aligns with the work that Veris Racing has been doing.

“Veris Racing has the values focused on  – Community, Health, Sport, and the Westcycle WA State Road Team represents a unification of cycling under strong leadership.

“Now the experience we have developed in training athletes with Veris can be applied to work directly with Westcycle, we hope together to make some great traction in building interest and representation in cycling as a sport. We also see the importance of increasing coach and club engagement towards collaborative development process, thus I am personally hopeful we can facilitate more coaches working together for best collective benefit.

“Working with junior riders is a great responsibility as we are developing their physical abilities, more importantly we are developing and supporting their mental capabilities and resilience. It is my hope to also build a data base of physical and personal characteristics such that the program can be prescriptive and predictive of endurance performance specific to road cycling. There are several key measurable variables that predict endurance performance success (Physical and Psychological) that when measured often can assist in tailoring a personal and subjective training experience. This could also lead to a sustainable training model which can be passed down from coach to coach through future iterations of the program. “

Over the last few months, WestCycle and Brad Hall have been working hard to design a completely fresh package that gives juniors access structured and individualised training that works alongside their club based programs.

Brad will be working with the State Selection Committee to identify members of the Junior Road Team to be announced on Monday 12 August, ahead of the Junior Road Nationals in September.