The Junior Cycling Academy has been busy and productive over the last few months with some of the highlights outlined below.


Chloe and Finlay had a wonderful training experience in France generously hosted by our sponsors Lisa and Jim Bond at their beautiful chateau. Both Finlay and Chloe successfully navigated some iconic French climbs, including Col d’Aubisque so should be feeling as pleased with themselves as we are with them.


Sam and Jenson are currently in France (making us very proud) competing at the BMX World Championships and we are looking forward to following their progress and wish them well in achieving their aspirations.


A raft of JCA riders also excelled at the recent State TT and Cyclocross Championships winning a haul of medals, including 4 gold and 2 silver at the TT event and gold medals for both Alicia Reynolds & Chloe Dal Passo at the Cyclocross event whilst gaining valuable experience and seeing positive outcomes flow from their hard work and application to the program.


Nick Bolt, McKenzie Coupland and Savannah Coupland (three recent JCA alumni) recently competed with the CDF elite teams in Belgium, and all had a great tour. Nick won the U19 Ledegem Kermesse leaving the U19 Belgium champion in his wake and then followed up with two more wins. Mackenzie won the U19 Dikkebus Kermesse by a significant margin leaving the entire field behind and Savannah had a great race in the U19 Beveren Kermesse in which she achieved her pre-determined goal.


On a different note, and one for the girls, the JCA have acquired a corporate membership of the 4Five+ Athlete Collective and we are very much looking forward to collaborating with this amazing cohort of ladies. We will arrange a social ride for the JCA girls and 4Five + ladies in September and are excited that the JCA girls will have access to a broader network of role models and ‘cycling buddies’. In addition, the JCA girls will reap member benefits when participating at 4Five+ female focussed events and in turn the 4Five+ ladies are looking forward to sharing their knowledge, skill, and experience (and they have all three in abundance) with the JCA riders as they develop in cycling.


It is clear that great things are continuing to happen at the JCA, and we are excited about what lies ahead.


– Wendy Meggison (JCA Chairperson)