Welcome to the  Laverton Cycling Project newsletter, which aims to keep our valued partners, riders, and supporters up to date with our happenings in the greater Laverton region. Again, thank you for your incredible support over the years.

The CDF is in a fortunate position to be a relatively independent organisation working in Laverton. This means that although the school is still closed, we can utilise the youth center to run our activities without major interruptions. A newly appointed local youth coordinator has been able to hold the fort over the school holidays also. With this new appointment, we will be more efficient in collaborating and coordinating our visits with others in the future so we can expand the program even further: something we are really looking forward to in 2024. This comes in addition to our new traineeship, which we are close to finalising with the Shire and will commence very soon. For this we are appointing a young rider from our ranks to gain hands-on community work, insights into project management, and stakeholder engagement. An incredible opportunity for a young adult to go through… We will update you on that matter in due time.

This time we did the best we could in the heat, and with the usual holiday movements we saw fewer community members in town. But as expected, there are always “little ones” roaming the streets. So, off we went to gather some kids and announce that we are here for them.

And it turns out that our trip was well-timed as the town’s pool and LCCA were closed during our visit. Due to the heat, we did not ride huge distances, but we had various target destinations that the kids were excited to ride to.

Hallmarks of our town riding included the water tower, where the view over the entire town made them all point out their homes and their friends’ homes with eagerness; the local creek had some water in it from recent downpours, which the kids were so excited to go to for a cool-down and some fun times; and of course multiple trips tothe local shop for an icy-pole or two afterward were unavoidable.

They genuinely enjoyed the bike riding, and asked for the session not to stop and to do it again the next day… we can barely ask for more

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