After a disappointing 2 years of Covid-19 related interruptions Veris Racing is eagerly planning the 2022 season.

Targeted racing events include the following:

  • Australian Championships, January
  • UCI Oceania Tour Professional Racing Invitations
  • Belgium-Holland Racing Campaign, June-August
  • National Road Series Events

In line with the teams vision to provide excellent development opportunities for athletes, these provisional events provide goals for team members to focus and train toward across the 2022 calendar year. Sports Director, Brad Hall was asked to comment on the programs outline and scope recently;

“We are really excited to continue to provide opportunity for athletes within our development pathway. In 2022 our focus is on engaging and retaining younger athletes, alongside select senior mentoring riders, for a large cross section of racing opportunities. The team has a focus on developing abilities away from racing, through individualised & structured training systems, to ensure the athletes development is continually groomed year round.

Our program is very holistic in that we work alongside athletes in their training, through coaching systems, and even manage the athletes toward their longer term goals, be that national representation and/or a professional license. To this end the athlete may race 40-60 days on average across a given year, with this allowing 320-300 days for appropriate training and development. Our program looks to develop athletes in racing and in training, year round.”

More information about the development pathway and application process can be found here: