Healthway to continue to support the Laverton Cycling Project in 2023

The Cycling Development Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with Healthway.

In 2023, Healthway is generously funding our Laverton Cycling Project again, in order to promote the “Fuel to Go and Play Message” to our predominantly indigenous community.

The Healthway partnership provides an opportunity for us to conduct our work with Laverton’s youth and enrich their days with healthy foods, activities, and discussions about a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, we will be able to fix bikes and provide some basic bike fixing supplies and road safety props in addition to 2 days’ worth of healthy foods for our program.

While fruits, veggies, and crackers might be common foods in the city, they are much harder to come by in remote towns. Thus, our box of goodies to promote “Fuel to Go and Play” will be a crucial part of our program.

Cycling Development Foundation Director Brad Hall commented on this partnership,

“The grant will go a long way to continuing the efficacy of our program and extends upon a longer term relationship with Healthway and the Laverton Cycling Project. We are very thankful for Healthway’s continued support of this initiative”

We continue to improve our Laverton Cycling Project, have conversations with stakeholders, and show a presence in the town to ensure that everyone understands how genuine our desire is to help provide a cycling program in this town and ultimately, to facilitate a better lifestyle in the community, in particular for the indigenous youths.

Thank you to Healthway for partnering with us again this year, it is most appreciated.