The Laverton Cycling Project is supported by Horizon Power again in 2022


The bush and gravel trails around Laverton are marvellous and cycling provides an opportunity for children (and adults) to explore their country more. It is of utmost importance we are able to provide ongoing support and presence in the community.


The Laverton Cycling Project is an indigenous youth & community cycling program that promotes health and well-being through cycling in the remote community of the greater Laverton area. This program started out as a 2-week mentoring program with youths and is now a year-round program that offers exercise, education and development toward human potential.


The Cycling Development Foundation (CDF) are very pleased to be once again partnering with Horizon Power to run our cycling program in October. With this year’s support we are able to organise several much-needed bike mechanical workshops on top of cycling sessions, aiming to provide the community with more independence and understanding of the functionality of the bike. The community members can then take their bikes out more often, which will not only add to the joy factor but supports fitness and a healthier lifestyle.


“Horizon Power is very proud to support initiatives in our remote towns and communities. The Cycling Development Foundation provides a great opportunity for the Laverton community to learn about bikes, practice their bike skills and engage with different community members,” said Nerreda Hillier, Horizon Power’s Community Engagement Manager.


“It is a fun activity that is promoted to everyone of all ages and Horizon Power is very happy to support the organisation through its Community Partnerships program.”


The Laverton Cycling Project 2022 is currently running every month, aiming to provide opportunities especially for the youths of Laverton, which requires continuous improvement and support from partners.


Chairperson, Mary Tennant, stated “We have an enthusiastic following from children and adults and we note a growing confidence in bike skills. We can only achieve these results with the assistance of our partners and Horizon Power’s vision of improving the lives of Aboriginal people is being validated in Laverton by the ongoing success of the project. We appreciate this assistance and thank Horizon Power for their ongoing support,”.


The CDF is a not-for-profit incorporated association created for promoting, supporting and providing for the development and increased participation rates of junior, male and female cyclists.


More information about the foundation or the Laverton Cycling Project can be found on or