RAAM 2019: 

Introducing Charity Solaris Cancer Care


Our charity of choice is Solaris Cancer Care, a Australian cancer support service provider caring for people with cancer and their families.

Solaris Cancer Care’s ethos is centred around kind, caring support, education and wellness for cancer patients and their carers in Australia.

The aim of Solaris Cancer Care is to improve quality of life of patients undergoing cancer treatment, and their carers, to cope with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This support includes complementary therapies, emotional support, information and bereavement support.

Solaris Cancer Care heavily relies on donations, as

  • All services are free of charge, whilst available to all adult cancer patients and their carers;
  • The range of support services is wide, ranging from exercise programs to support groups, counselling, supervised complementary integrative therapies, and educational seminars;
  • These services are mainly run by passionate volunteers, who are qualified professionals in the medical industry and want to help make a difference in cancer prevention and patient care.

We have seen their work in action and we believe that Solaris Cancer Care deserves as much support and recognition as possible in order to help them continue with their marvelous work!

Team Bean