I have been lucky enough to have ridden the Liv Envie Advanced Pro 1 2016 for the past year. The Envie was my first race bike, and I loved it from the first time I rode it. It’s been a fast and reliable steed, and has become a little part of me, having carried me through my first road races with podium successes and through all the hard training sessions that followed. The time has come however for me to upgrade to something new and more suited to the increasing hours I’m spending in the saddle and to conquering the hills.

Over the last few days I had the pleasure of test riding the very lovely Liv Langma Advanced Pro and was not disappointed. Once I managed to tear myself away from looking at the amazing blue paint I took the Langma for a spin on my usual route home along the South Perth foreshore path. The Langma was light, very responsive and solid through some sprints, sailed easily around the corners and led me to a new Strava segment PR!  My partner said afterwards “you were flying, I didn’t even bother to try and chase you”.

I also rode through Kings Park to test the Langma in a fast descent; once again she was light and solid on the road and I shaved 5 seconds off my fastest Forrest Drive downhill. Importantly, for smaller riders, the Langma cuts through the wind and I felt confident descending without being pushed sideways. Up hills in Kings Park, the light weight of the bike was really noticeable.  When up on the pedals, it also climbed well.

I will be sad to see my beloved Envie move on to a new home, but I can’t wait to see where the Langma will take me.

Megan Stalker

Veris Racing Athlete