The Cycling Development Foundation (CDF), as owner of the Veris Cycle Racing teams, is pleased to announce a new partnership with InfoCrank®an accurate, reliable and consistent power meter


InfoCrank® President, Bryan Taylor, commented that:

Our company has had a long association with the management of Veris Racing Team: thus it was natural for us to extend this collaboration to the CDF.
The aims and goals of the CDF align with ours.  Our main focus is on correct measurement of effort, a critical empowerment tool when working to help people gain fitness and achieve their own goals.
The development of the power meter many years ago helped competitive and professional cyclists work out how much energy they were expending in pushing the bike forward.
The InfoCrank® has not only made that measurement more true and precise, but made possible the comparison of one person to another.
This will lead to a very quick evaluation of whether exercises programmes are working, or not, and also give great intrinsic incentive for personal improvement for those who ride a bike. 

He also said that Infocrank saw the extended reach of the Veris racing team throughout Australia as offering a unique means to reach those broader communities, through cycling based events.

Cycling is a great family sport that can be completed together. While not everyone will be an Olympian, individuals can reach goals that may have seemed unachievable prior commencing cycling.
The CDF model is about reaching all Australian’s, and enhance their lives, through cycling.
We find that people start to own their possibilities once they start measuring progress and look to serve that same community, should they pursue accuracy of fitness gains.

Under the partnership, Veris Racing athletes will assist and support others, across a number of events, as ambassadors for Infocrank, specifically with the intent to outline how accurate data can be used to make informed decisions by individuals and coaching staff around athlete performance.  It is a requirement of the CDF’s athlete development programme that its riders contribute to such causes.

CDF director, Brad Hall, commented it was very exciting that Infocrank recognised the opportunities of partnering with the CDF, through Veris Racing:

“Infocrank offer unparalleled power data accuracy.
This means we can work with athletes across Australia, often remotely, and still have an exact understanding of what their power outputs, and fitness metrics are.
This allows for actual analysis of individuals performance capabilities, and understanding, as to how they are performing prior to racing selection.
The impacts on their training will also be immense, as the athletes too will understand how they are trending over time, with accurate feedback made possible.
Owing to the error associated with other power meters, we now have a uniform understanding of each athletes capabilities to make real, informed decisions..”

He said the need for accuracy was imperative to effective decision making around athletic endeavor…