Oral 7’s philosophy pertains to a healthy mouth relates to a healthy body, or more specifically “A moist mouth is a healthy mouth”

The Cycling Development Foundation, via the Veris Racing team, is pleased to announce a partnership with Oral 7.

Oral7 ‘s range of Oral Care products are unique to Australia, unlike other Oral Care products on the market Oral7 DOES NOT contain SLS ( detergent found in Car Wash ) or Alcohol . Oral7 does however contain some of the same Enzymes found in your normal Saliva, therefore has a Probiotic type action, citing its ability to maintain healthy dental aspects in endurance athletes that have high simple sugar diets . These Enzymes reinforce the natural benefits of Saliva e.g. moisturizing, antibacterial etc.  Your mouth is where Carbohydrates start to be metabolised by Saliva, thus if your Saliva is compromised by harsh Oral Care products these ingredients will  therefore inhibit this action.

Oral 7 CEO Robert Pietersen commented on this partnership saying,

“The reason for  launching Oral7 in Australia & around the World was to help the 25% of the population that suffer with “Dry Mouth “ caused by some Medical conditions (Cancer, Diabetes as examples) and many Medications. Like Cycling competition we were not intimidated by 3 of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the World, we are on a mission, to do what they do not.”

“I have always found Cycling a way to clear my mind for work & at the same time keeping healthy , being involved with Brad, CDF & Veris over the past few years I have witnessed the positives coming out of the Group and of course the Partnership now with Solaris Cancer Care fits well with what Oral7 is all about.”

CDF chairman Dr. Craig Pennell commented on this new partnership,

“We are excited by the prospect of a medical partnership to enhance athlete health and well-being away from cycling as exercise. This also fits well with the CDF’s philosophy to enhance athlete health beyond sport itself.”